This weeks workout sessions +

Hi, i thought it could be fun to summarize my workout from this past week. I have been working out a bit more than usual, because of the study im participating in, i workout this wednesday as well, usually that my 5 workouts completly with different intesity, important to listen to your body.
Här kommer en sammanfattning av vecklans träningspass. Blev fler träningar än normalt, onsadag är vanligtvis vilodag men nu deltar jag in en studie så blev ben där. 
*Kickback in cc 17,5kg @2x15
*Squats with kettlebell 16 kg @2 x10
*Single deadlift 8 kg @3x12
*Side lift in cc 5kg @3x10
*Press with dumbbell 5kg @up 2x8 Side 2x8
I choosed to make this session easy, because the studie would air on this past wednesday.
*Rood with barbell 30kg @3x10
*Military press 25kg @1x8 2x6
*Lats pulldown 35kg @3x6
*Straight pulldown 35kg @ 1x12 1x10 1x8
*Classic seated rood 34kg @3x20
*One- leg abdominal reverse crunch in cc 15kg @3x15
*Lying abs crunch in cc 15kg @ 3x12
*Normal abs in cc 67,5kg @ 3x12
*Normal abs with boduball in cc 25kg@ 3x15
Wednesday, participating in the stuide: Different legs exercises
Thursday: Abs again, one day in between (wednesday)
*Knee to toes @ 3x10
*Brutal bench @ 3x10
*Normal abs in cc 67,5kg @3x12
*Abs in cc (Situps with a straingt handle) 15kg @3x12 --> A new exercise, picture in a post futher down
*One- leg abdominal crunch in cc 15 kg@ 3x12
*Chins 36kg @3x6
*Dips 24kg @ 3x6
*Rood with barbell 30 kg @ 3x10
*Lats pulldown 35kg @ 3x6
Friday(today), with a tired body i made it easy today
*Press with dumbbell 5kg @ Up 3x8 Side 3x8
*Side lift in cc 5kg @ 3x10
*Single deadlift kettlebell 14 kg @3x10/leg
*Squats with kettlebell 15 kg @3x8
*Deadlift 18 kg @ 3x12
Cardio 10 minutes
Are post like this something you would like too have more of ?? ;) Önskas fler sådanna här inlägg??
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