Tuesday 25 August

Today has been a day of mixed activities, with both studying, golf practising, hanging with friends and a late leg workout
A made a visit to the golf arena, did some close play- putting and also a lot of drivers swings
My day ended at the gym, legday and now my legs are so sore ;)
Before the gym, i had some time with the girls. Some yammy snacks at a new coffe shop today, waynes coffe! A very cozy and opened space to find your on place to sit down and relax at. 
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My weekend <3

A very relaxed and calm weekend has passed, i will let the pictures talk by it self ;)
Fridayafternoon, after a gymsession, i hit the golfcoure witch my boyfriend to practise for a while, felt good and my driver swing felt good for the first time, hit around 180 meters, proud over my self and thanks to my man for the support ;)
 Relaxed in the sun on by the house before we hit the lake with his parent for a couple of hours, the some barbequ. 
Relexed in the sun all day long, went for a walk with the dogs and then hit the golfcourse again to practise before we haeded home to my place 
I hope you all had a great weekend. Now its monday, a new week with new possibilities to work with ;) Take care and do things that makes you happy 
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20 Augusti

Today, i worked through my abs and did some cardio. Felt good and it burned :) I tried out a new exercise today to change up the rutine a bit and it was fun.
DO YOU have any tips for good abs exercises? Plese leave a comment below :)
Other than my workout today, i have not done anything. I woke up with a headic and enjoyed the sun a bit.
Otherwise, this weekend has been so lazy, i had my last day at work at sunday and it felt good. 
The past monday, me and my boyfriend visit my hometown during the afternoon/night to hang out woth some friends and made a quick visit to my family as well before we drove home later the same day.
What have you been up to? :)
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