Finally weekend

Hallo friyay
Yay Friday is here, but no less time to relax haha, i got work tomorrow and on Sunday and the time left I will be in front  of my books and computer to study..the life for a student ;)
Earlier today I had a lesion in school, it was fun but I was so tired after some lack of sleep from the day before (Thursday) when i had my first workday. 
Tomorrow, Saturday i work from 6.30 am to around 12 pm :) 

Here are some picture I took yesterday after my workout. Live my new workout top that I've been longing so badly after ;)

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The beauty of autum +

This time of the year, is so beautiful, so colorful ;) The autum really has its charm. 
Today i have studied a lot and i also took a quick walk outside to souk up the fresh air.
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Tuesday night +

Hi again
As you may have noticed, i have not been writing anything in a while ;) Usually i write a lot about my workouts, but i have been sick for the last 2 1/2 weeks, not fun at all. But i though i would check in and say hi at least ;)
These past weeks, i have been studying and still are, it takes a lot of time. I try to balance my studying, wich is 100 % so its a lot to do, and im a person that need to study a lot to get the information in to my head :P I have my examination essay that has the duodate in december/january and i really need to past it this time, getting so tired of that, and i also taking a course about leadership in the athletic world.
Its important to beleive in yourself, outherwise it will not be so easy to handle things, try to find the balance between the inportant and meaningful things in your everyday life ;) Good energy and a positiv mind 
Later this weekend, something excited is coming around, keep your thumps up for me ;)
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