Tuesday + Leg/booty workout

Here are i few of todays exercises ;)
Squats in a machine --> 1- Squeeze that booty (haha) / 2- In the low posision --> 3 x 10 today
Squat with a kettlebell (here i use 18 kg), tired in my body during todays session so i didnt have enery to go heavier ;) 3 x 10 today
"Legraise" - it really burns in your butt, 10 times straight up + 10 times to the side x 3 set

I have been so tired in my body these days, so i really needed to make a vitamin/energy boost shot with only fresh fruit and it tasted soo good (the color thou, make it look less delish^^) and to this i made som yammy bananapancakes (2 eggs + 1 banana). Easy and delish ;)
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Raw choclate balls

A while ago, i found a recipie that i just had to try to make on my on and it turned out delish ;)
I found it from the blog " fiiaan.se ", tkanks for a great tips 
The recipie is below -->
- 2 msk kakao
2 dl havregryn
1 dl mandlar (jag tog en mix av olika osaltade nötter)
6 st färska dadlar
2 msk starkt kaffe (hoppad över kaffe)
2 msk sukrin (använde stevia)
Utöver dess orginal ingredienserna, använde jag även agave sirap och cocosolja för att få ihop de till en fastare smet samt lite vaniljsocker
Rulla i kokos och in i kylen 
Redo att serveras ;)
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Tuesday snaps +

 Pictures from my day! Leg- and butt workout, felt good. Had some lunch and icecream before, so my body was loaded with great energy before the workout session
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