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Pure Love
Nailpolish "Rose Perle" and blusher(rouge) from Yves Rocher
Bara kärlek
Nagellack "Rose Perle" och rouge fån Yves Rocher
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Abs And Back +

Hi you 
So, thuersday and the spring is finally  in the air, for today at least ;)
These past couple of days, my back has been hurting and still does, but i just couldn¨t sit inside any longer, i had to hit up the gym. The workout felt pretty good, hopefully it can help the pain to go away "finger crossed" 
After the gym, we went to the shopping mall and looked around for some stuff to my boyfriend, he has a party to enter tomorrow with school, a "gasque" as they call it, now we are home for futher studying
So, i now i write a lot about my workouts, just becouse i love the healthy liftstyle "blink blink", but please comment if you want me to write about something special??
Torsdag idag, och äntligen känns det som att våren är på ingång, i alla fall idag ;) 
Detta dagar har ryggen krånglat, men kände inte för att sitta inne en dag till, så tog mig till gymmet för ett rygg/mage pass, vilket ändå kändes bra, så får hoppas det hjälper smärtan lite iaf "håller tummarna"
Efter gymmet blev det en sväng förbi eurpstop, kolla på saker till killens utklädsnad inför hans gasque imon^^ och nu är vi hemma för plugg
Jag vet att jag skriver mestadels om träning, då det är det jag verkligen älskar haha, men kommentera gärna om ni vill att jag ska skriva om något speciellt??
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Workout On A Monday +

 After a weekend with a lot of relaxation, it was time to move the body again. A bit tired but it worked fine. I worked trough abs and back. I tried out something new troday as well, normally i like to go/run on the treadmile, but today i cykle instead and the sweat just run down my face haha, it was more intense then it usually is on the treadmile ;) I will try out the cykle for a while and see how it turns out. 
I hope your weekend was awesome and that you kicked start this monday and this new weeken with something fun. 
My session is written futher down
My Session: 
Single set: 
Hanging leg raises 3x 12
Lat pulldown 30 kg 3x12 /6 on each side
Cardio on a bike 20 min
Classic seated rood 27 kg 2x 20 / 29kg 1x20  (10 on each side)
Super set:
Abdominal normal 65 kg 3x10
Abdominal side 35 kg 3x8
Abdominal normal with bosuball 35kg 3x10
Abdominal normal with rotation 65 kg 3x 12
Leg/but lift 3x12
Planc 3x 30 sek
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